Are you smarter than a 5th grader, or in this case Josh Peacock?

Do you know the data?  What piece of data is this?  Are you good enough to know what data you’re seeing just by the shape or pattern?  If so, that would be a demonstration of having GRASP!  Submit your guesses and I’ll pick the answer I believe is most noteworthy and announce a winner at a future date.

First things first.  The top graph is a single credit union’s data.  The middle graph is an average of 5 peer credit unions, and the bottom graph is an average of 20 peer credit unions.  There are 60 days of data points here.  Each dot on the graphs represent one day’s data.

Put your detective hat on and tell me what data marker this is along with your supporting theories.  I made three obvious conclusions that I will share when the winner is announced.  Anything you come up with beyond my examination is worth extra kudos.

Hint: This data came from the Analytics Booth Trends database, but if you’re sharp you didn’t need that hint.